ASEAN Forum 2019 is brought to you by SEA CAPE in partnership with AUT

The ASEAN Forum 2019 takes a snapshot of our relationship with ASEAN now, as well as looking forward at the possibilities of future potential and development in this dynamic region. The morning keynotes set an overview of the ASEAN - NZ political and economic relationship, and how that impacts on the business we do. The afternoon sessions delve deeper into the sub themes of Digital Connectivity and Diversity. The Digital session will look at NZ businesses operating across and in ASEAN in an ever-changing digital environment. The Diversity theme examines how NZ businesses can make more of the opportunities of diversity to impact and improve on our ASEAN trade. Throughout the Forum we will ask; how we can work together on a practical level to create strong awareness of NZ in ASEAN and ASEAN in NZ.

Why attend?

By attending this wide-ranging Forum you'll learn about

  • ASEAN's place in the changing global world
  • Opportunities arising from ASEAN's current needs and ambitions
  • The digital drivers specific to ASEAN and those connecting to NZ business
  • The opportunities for NZ business to engage with the diverse ASEAN diaspora in NZ
  • The practical tools to be more effective in ASEAN
  • Overcoming barriers to trade, especially for SMEs

Join us for a full day of keynote addresses by experts from ASEAN and New Zealand and breakout sessions on specific markets and tips for exporters. With a celebratory networking function to conclude the Forum there will be plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle with our speakers and attendees.

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SEA CAPE will also fund up to 16 students from across New Zealand tertiary institutes to attend the 2019 ASEAN forum.

If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity, please complete the application form below.

Applications close 5 pm Wednesday August 21st.


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