We've partnered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to host leaders from ASEAN universities, research institutes and businesses to undertake a series of briefings and public seminars as part of the ASEAN@50 Fellowship Programme. The purpose of the programme is to build mutual knowledge and understanding between New Zealand and ASEAN and strengthen New Zealand's relations with the region.

We are pleased to host, in conjunction with the New Zealand Asia Institute, the first two visiting fellows for a public seminar in Auckland

Dr Pavida Pananond is Associate Professor of International Business at Thammasat Business School in Bangkok. Senthil Danapalan is the Head of Development at Maxis Berhad – a leading Malaysian telecommunications provider.

When: Thursday 6 December, 4:30 - 6:00 pm

Where: Case room 1, Sir Owen G Glenn Building, University of Auckland, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland

Topic: Opportunities and Challenges in Southeast Asia: Two Views form the Region

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Pavida will discuss how Southeast Asian firms are now using internationalisation as upgrading strategy. The independent relationship of Southeast Asian supplier firms with lead firms in global value chains shape their internationalisation process.  Implications can be drawn on how New Zealand can be part of these growing regional dynamics of outward foreign direct investment from Southeast Asian firms.

Senthil will discuss how it is possible to overcome and achieve business results through a challenging regulatory environment in ASEAN. He will use the Uber case study of going from ‘almost banned’ to being approved with USD 30 million investment by government in 12 months.

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