Zoe Rookes, Woodford House (Napier)

Participant of Singapore Business Challenge programme, January 2019

My passion for business was confirmed on the SEA CAPE Business Challenge trip to Singapore in January 2019.  The balance of cultural and business activities was just right for me to get a sense of the day to day life for the Singaporeans. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and have learnt so much about the business opportunities in Singapore which I was not aware of prior to this trip.

I run a startup business, Bayuble, with three of my classmates; Maggie Peacock, Rylie Bensemann and Sarah Wixon.  Before the trip, we were asked to speak at the “Grow 2019: Boma New Zealand Agri Summit” in April 2019. We are set to discuss young people in business, innovation, business models and the changing face of horticulture and the food market.

I will now be very keen to share my observations from the Business Challenge trip to Singapore. New Zealand has a great reputation there, but it is important to adapt to the different business cultures in the market. I will definitely consider extending our business globally in the future. 

SEA CAPE has given me a once in a lifetime opportunity and I will always have this amazing experience to help me in my business career and to help others where I can. My experience and new gained knowledge from the trip will be very helpful as I start my Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Canterbury.

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