Niels Grosmann, Henderson High (Auckland)

Participant of Singapore Business Challenge programme, January 2019

The greatest thing I have taken away from the Singapore trip is my newfound confidence to lead and to connect with people. Soaking up the culture and society of Singapore has left me more open-minded and able to solve problems from new and exciting angles, while providing me with insight into some potential business opportunities that exist globally.

During the Business Challenge trip to Singapore, I was able to meet with and pitch to many industry leaders and specialists. I used this opportunity to seek potential business deals and investments and was fortunate enough to meet Tracey Hamilton of Moveo. I talked to Tracey about my business “Volt Electrics” after her workshop, and she encouraged me to push it to the next level by potentially investing in my company. We are still in talks as we prepare and strategize Volt Electrics’ next evolution. I was so thrilled to be able to get our plans off the ground and am looking forward to bringing them to fruition.

In Singapore, we were coached on how to make a good pitch, which is very important for any start-up businesses. This has forced me to ask myself the hard questions on issues around scalability and the actual feasibility of ideas; it has also trained me to better shape my ideas and present them to relevant people.

I have since started to develop a new company which aims to change the power consumption in NZ, thinking bigger than just a cool high school project and really challenging myself to make an impact on the society.

I want to pursue entrepreneurship in the tech industry. This has definitely been reinforced by my Business Challenge trip to Singapore. The rapid change and growth that I saw occurring within Singapore and NZ, in fact, the world over, excites and drives me. I want to get right onto the front lines of human progress and help make our world a better place through the power of business.

SEA CAPE has in many ways helped me in my journey, with knowledge, experience, contacts, and a support network that I am keen to work with into the future.

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