The Southeast Asia, North Asia and Latin America Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence (CAPEs) have once again joined forces with the University of Otago to run the Building Global Communities workshops at primary and intermediate schools around Dunedin. 

Thai drawing Liberton.JPG

The workshops are designed to encourage children to learn more about the languages and cultures of the CAPEs regions. At Liberton Christian School the pupils were given the opportunity to learn how to draw beautiful traditional Thai fold paper designs, try on traditional Chinese clothing, learn how to use chopsticks and create Samurai helmets from newspaper.


Jutamas Kee, of Thailand, who taught the children to create traditional designs using paper folding techniques, says she was able to improve her English while accruing volunteer hours for her course.

“I like to share my culture with these kids. I like to fold. The students can show their opinions and how they’re curious.


The workshops are a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to share aspects of their culture not only with school pupils but also with other CAPEs volunteers. "New understanding and relationships grew in the team of volunteers last year and we are hoping for the same this year" says Glenys Needs, Programme Manager for the Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence in Otago.

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If you are an international student interested in volunteering, or a teacher eager to bring this programme to your classroom, please contact programme manager Glenys Needs

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