During the Tertiary Market Immersion Programme, our students worked in teams to develop a business idea for a New Zealand company or entrepreneur wanting to enter the Southeast Asia market. Each group focused on a different industry: food and beverage, e-commerce, SME innovation and entrepreneurship, and social enterprise. At the end of the programme, they pitched their ideas to a panel of judges in Singapore, and crafted a final report.

In April 2019, these reports were formally launched at events held in Auckland and Wellington. We are delighted to share these reports with you here on our website.


Last Mile Delivery in Vietnam – Cold Chain Logistics

Vietnam is a developing market with significant prospects and momentum, growing steadily for the last 20 years. This report identifies an issue with cold chain logistics in Vietnam’s food delivery systems. Last mile chilled delivery causes huge waste and inefficiency due to poor infrastructure. The proposed solution is a compact refrigeration unit that can be mounted on a scooter or small truck to maintain consistent temperatures for high-end food products, from supplier to city vendors.

Contributors: Emma Kerr, University of Auckland; William Robertson, Massey University; Iona Sammons, Victoria University of Wellington; Walter Todd, Victoria University of Wellington.  

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The Perfect Blend – Thai Coffee and Kiwi Expertise

The Perfect Blend is a proposed New Zealand company based in Thailand. It would work to promote Thailand’s coffee brand, bringing all company functions in-house: marketing, creative services, R&D, distribution and administration, and pushing Thai coffee into high value-added markets. 

Contributors: Matthew Brunt, University of Auckland; Kathlynn Lee, University of Auckland; Naomi Pepah, Massey University; Kajol Thanki, University of Waikato.  

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Waste Print: Let’s Talk Trash – Waste Auditing and Management in Singapore

This report identifies waste management in Singapore as still largely undeveloped, with most businesses in the early stages of creating waste management strategies.  It put forward a waste auditing/advisory service called Waste Print. Waste Print recommends ways of improving a businesses’ environmental and financial performance and gives the business data on its environmental impact.

Contributors: Alexis Allen, Victoria University of Wellington; Zoe Hunt, Otago Polytechnic; Laurie Ingle, Victoria University of Wellington; Nina Santos, University of Auckland.  

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Kiwi Classroom – Online English Language Tuition in Thailand

This report identifies online tutoring as a sector that is not yet saturated in Thailand and offers great potential for New Zealand entrepreneurs. It proposes developing an English teaching e-learning platform, initially targeted at Thai students and teachers. As a social enterprise, the platform’s social goal is to reduce educational disparity through investing profits in scholarships, subsidies and financial aid organisations.

Contributors: Erin Bowers, Auckland University of Technology; Ella Boyd, University of Otago; Charlotte Keir, Canterbury University; Daniel Lee, University of Auckland.  

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