Kieran Gordon-McKee, Northcote College (Auckland)

Participant of the Vietnam Business Challenge programme, April 2019

My experience in Vietnam was certainly a once in a lifetime event. I met so many amazing people from completely different walks of life: from the business leaders who gave up their time to teach us about Vietnam’s unique culture and business environment, to the other talented young Kiwi and Vietnamese entrepreneurs I worked with throughout the week.

Every person I spoke to and everything I did taught me something new and interesting about doing business in Vietnam. I learnt about the social differences across Vietnam and how important understanding them is for foreign businesses entering the market. I learnt about New Zealand’s business presence in Vietnam and all the opportunities there are for growing it in the future. But most importantly I learnt how important it is to get your boots on the ground and really experience the culture of where you want to do business.

One lesson that has really stuck with me from participating in this programme is how much you can achieve just by putting yourself out there, and how many opportunities are available so long as you try.

SEA CAPE has given me the opportunity to experience Vietnam in a way I’d never expected. It’s shown me all the opportunities that are available for doing business in Vietnam and that is something I won’t forget. After university I plan to start my own business in the Tech industry and with Vietnam’s rapid growth in that sector I’m sure I’ll be back in no time.


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