Exciting news for anyone interested in the potential-filled markets of North Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America!

The North Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence (CAPEs) are joining forces to offer the nationwide 2019 Market Insights Programme (MIP).

What is the MIP?

The MIP is a project based, guided internship programme that harnesses the market and culture-specific insights of domestic and international tertiary students and matches these to the needs of New Zealand businesses.

Last year, the programme was piloted to great acclaim by the Southeast Asia and Latin America CAPEs.

This year, the cross-CAPEs programme will engage with students, businesses and expert partners in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Dunedin.

Students are selected through a competitive application process and are guided by dedicated academic mentors throughout the programme.

Expert partners join the programme to host specialist workshops and facilitate valuable networking opportunities.

High praise for 2018 pilot programme

The 2018 MIP earned high praise from participants. Student Sarah Shum said the programme offered a real-world environment and gave her access to mentors in the industry.

Jo Coughlan, Managing Director of public relations and marketing communications firm Silvereye, credits the programme for helping their company better understand and engage with internationally-facing companies in key Asia-Pacific markets.

Watch the short video about the MIP

The CAPEs are seeking students, businesses and expert partners to take part in our 2019 MIP programme. Find out more and register your interest before 7th June 2019 here

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