The Market & Industry Placement Programme (MIPP), offered by the Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (SEA CAPE) is a project-based, guided 3-month placement programme that harnesses the market and cultural-specific insights of New Zealand tertiary students and matches these to the needs of New Zealand businesses.

An added unique element of this programme is the support of workshops and seminars run by SEA CAPE and its partners that will give businesses and students practical knowledge around the countries and industries to which their project focuses on.

MIPP will focus on the New Zealand Food & Beverage sector in the first instance – in partnership with NUKU ki te Puku. The industries covered will gradually expand.

Why should students participate?

Host businesses assign students with a non-mission critical project relating to new or established ideas with Southeast Asia markets. Working with the business, the student(s) will spend around 12-15 hours per fortnight (negotiable depending on time of year) on this project to create recommendations for the company’s current or future engagement in the region. Students will also have the opportunity to attend and engage in workshops and seminars run by SEA CAPE and its partners to boost knowledge in the industry and market(s).

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Benefits for Students

  • Gain up to 90 or more hours of work experience over a 3-month period with an NZ company currently engaging or planning to engage in Southeast Asia markets.
  • Gain experience on real-world projects that complement your academic programme and/or career interests.
  • Have an opportunity to use your market and cultural insights to further your knowledge and skills and gain work experience.
  • Access opportunities to network and forge lasting relationships with subject matter experts, participating businesses, and fellow students.
  • Enhance your personal and career development and establish a professional network.

Commitment and requirements during the placement

  • commit 12-15 hours per fortnight for a 3-month period. Any extension will be discussed and renegotiated with the SEA CAPE Director.
  • meet with your company/workplace supervisor at least once a week, onsite (if COVID conditions allow) or online, at the initial stage or as required.
  • meet with your assigned academic supervisor biweekly for guidance on the research project.
  • submit a short progress report at the end of each month for feedback from both workplace and academic supervisors.
  • produce the final report at the end of the placement.
  • maintain regular communication with SEA CAPE staff to ensure everything is on track. 

Selection Criteria


  1. Currently enrolled in a NZ tertiary institution
  2. Academic GPA grade requirement: average B+ and above (most recent 2 years carry more weight)
  3.  Good communication and interpersonal skills


  1. Experience in working on an industry project
  2. Experience in engagement with or in the Southeast Asia region

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