The Tertiary Market Immersion Programme (TMIP) provides an opportunity for business-savvy students from across New Zealand tertiary institutions to broaden their understanding of and engagement with Southeast Asia and to learn about business environments and opportunities in the region. 

TMIP participants will travel to various Southeast Asian countries and work in groups, guided by academic mentors, to develop recommendations to the NZ Inc network on which market has the most potential for New Zealanders looking to do business in Southeast Asia. The groups will focus on different areas such as e-commerce, food and beverage, small to medium enterprise innovation and social enterprise. Students will also be introduced to social, cultural and political dimensions of life in Southeast Asia. 

Tertiary Market Immersion Programme 2019

We recently announced that 16 students have been selected from across New Zealand tertiary institutions to participate in our Tertiary Market Immersion Programme (TMIP) in January 2019.

Travelling to Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore, the students will visit global, local and New Zealand businesses operating in these countries and connect with the New Zealand Inc agencies in-country. The students will present their group recommendations to a panel of experts at the end of the Programme in Singapore.

Congratulations to all the students selected - we look forward to sharing your learnings and experience. Read more about the participating students here.


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