SEA CAPE teamed up with the Miramar Creative to develop two pieces of work that will provide opportunities for improved creative digital exports from New Zealand to Southeast Asia.

1) A remote creative business collaboration project between New Zealand and Southeast Asia and

2) Research on digital economies in Southeast Asia and the potential innovation development opportunities between New Zealand and Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia Creative Digital Collaboration

Wellington’s Beyond Studios were commissioned to collaborate with a team of Designers in Southeast Asia to develop a game level.

This part of the project supported a game development collaboration between teams in New Zealand and Vietnam, specifically commissioned to demonstrate these remote business practices and how they can apply to a range of businesses - not just those within the digital creative sector. This project was conducted entirely online.

As Jessica Manins, CEO of Beyond said ‘we jumped at the chance to show the power of collaboration using digital tools. Remote collaboration is not the future but the now’.


Miramar Creative have also put together a range of show reels of the work of 7 organisations in the region.



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