The Market Insights Programme 2018 is now complete. You can register or find out more about MIP 2019 here.


The Southeast Asia and Latin America Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence lead the Market Insights Programme (MIP), in collaboration with Victoria University of Wellington and University of Waikato.  

The MIP aims to harness the specialised culture and market-specific insights, knowledge and experience that participating university students, both domestic and international, can offer to New Zealand businesses. At the same time, the MIP offers students an internship opportunity with guidance from experts on relevant projects.  

The 2018 MIP took place from July to November 2018 in the Wellington and Hamilton regions. We are now working on the 2019 MIP and plan to roll it out to more regions - Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland. 

Programme structure

The 12-week MIP is organised into six two-week modules. Each module starts with a workshop that introduces the topic. These workshops are delivered by our Partners with relevant expertise in a particular theme or aspect of doing business internationally, and are offered to both participating business representatives and students, as well our Partners’ guests.

Workshops are held as an evening event of two hours (6-8pm, social drinks starts at 5:30pm), keeping the talking time to 60 minutes in order to allow for questions and networking.

Each event is held at different Partners’ premises to give students insights into a variety of business settings and cultures.

At the end of the MIP, participating students present their project - key learning and how their project impacted on their host business - at a social event for all participants, including partners and relevant stakeholders. All students will receive participation certificates and prizes will be awarded for the best presentations.

To give you a sense of the themes and structure, here is the programme for the 2018 Wellington MIP: 

Date Workshop
26 July Which country next? Southeast Asia and Latin America
  Host: Victoria Business School
Presentation slides
9 August Intercultural Capability
  Host: BECA
23 August Doing Business with Southeast Asia
  Host: Deloitte
6 September Branding and Marketing
  Host: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise 
Presentation slides Ziena Jalil, Evan Govender
20 September Doing Business with Latin America
  Host: Ministry for Primary Industries
4 October New Zealand Business Environment
  Host: Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency
18 October Final Event
Project Presentation
  Host: Southeast Asia and Latin America CAPEs and Export New Zealand


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