The following business cases analyse the real world challenges and dilemmas facing New Zealand firms that are seeking to grow their revenues in Southeast Asia. The reports offer lessons, based on the experience of New Zealand firms and the characteristics of New Zealand products, for identifying and growing opportunities in these markets.

New Zealand businesses face challenges that are often different from those experienced by firms that typically feature in business case studies. New Zealand firms are likely to be smaller and more distant from major export markets than even ‘small and medium’ sized enterprises from Europe and North America, with corresponding constraints on human and financial resources. These case studies fill that gap, and each is designed to showcase a particular business dilemma or lesson. They were prepared for SEA CAPE by faculty in the New Zealand Asia Institute at the University of Auckland.

Inspire Group: Inspiring Asia with a Unique Approach

Inspire Group’s business expansion into Southeast Asia had several key challenges related to the industry that it was operating in. Nevertheless, confidence on being able to seize opportunities to add value in the region as well as a growing demand for leadership and learning solutions led Inspire Group to target and plan their international growth strategy for success while managing the challenges encountered along the way.

Augen Software Group: Building a Kiwi Tech Company in Vietnam

Augen Software Group provides bespoke software solutions to clients for New Zealand and international markets. In this case study, we focus on the challenges that Augen faced in the years leading up to its entry into Vietnam and in the establishment phase of its Vietnamese operations.

Beca: The Challenges of Establishing an Enduring Reputation in Indonesia

Beca is one of Asia-Pacific’s largest 100% employee-owned engineering and related consultancy firms. This case study focuses on Beca’s early entry challenges and strategy in Indonesia. Its strategy included leveraging its solid professional expertise, building critical partnerships and networks, and gaining local legitimacy.

Delta Insurance Group: Innovation and Technology Solutions

In July 2017 Delta launched its first overseas office in Singapore, from where around 7 to 8% of Delta’s total global sales are now generated. This case study outlines their strategy for developing a brand and reputation from scratch in a competitive marketplace.

Global Safewear: Manufacturing in Vietnam

Global Safewear's decision to locate manufacturing of the company’s products in Vietnam was relatively unusual for a New Zealand company in the mid-1990s. However, local representation, adapting to the local culture, close monitoring, and staying informed of Vietnam's complex and fluid legal and regulatory environment has enabled them to thrive.

Revolution Fibres: Bringing the Nanofibre Revolution to Asia & the World

Established in Auckland in 2009, Revolution Fibres Ltd is playing a leading role in the global ‘nanotech revolution’, by using nanofibres to deliver revolutionary products used in various industries worldwide such as filtration, cosmetics, healthcare, textiles, electronics and aerospace. Learn more about how this high-tech start-up has tackled international expansion.

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