ASEAN is of growing importance for many New Zealand companies, with total exports to the region valued at $11.14bn NZD in 2020 (StatsNZ).  

The markets of Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam have remained strong for NZ companies throughout 2020, while Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand offer future growth potential. The Food and beverage sector leads the export categorywith other manufactured goods and a wide range of services such as, Fintech, logistics, software and management consulting all finding sizeable market opportunities within ASEAN. 

The SEA CAPE Market Readiness Programme (MRP) is a series of workshops delivered by SEA CAPE which introducNew Zealand’s entrepreneurs, founders and small business managers to the marketplaces of South East Asia. Three 3.5-hour workshops are available - Singapore/Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Each of the country-focus workshops is led by two experienced facilitatorsgiving participants an overview of the trading environment and business culture of the market. Facilitators provide participants to key insights about in-market competition in each of these markets and discuss the experiences of businesses already operating in South East Asia. Each workshop gives participants the opportunity to tap into expert knowledge as well as the experiences of other businesses active in the region. 

“Great to get background information on the markets, channels and real-life examples of products in market" (Participant in Singapore/Malaysia workshop August 2020) 

"The presentations were insightful on economy, employment, demographic and culture around business" (Participant in Vietnam workshop, June 2020) 

“This workshop (and the presentations) have been valuable to my business. I am definitely considering launching in SEA"(Participant in Singapore/Malaysia workshop, June 2020) 

The MRP workshops are offered at no cost to participantsBusinesses can participate in one, two or all three workshops. These workshops create significant value to businesses considering South East Asia as an export destination by providing: 

  • insights into current or potential overseas market(s) 
  • an understanding of business culture as actioned in the varied markets of ASEAN 
  • the opportunity to network with other business owners and managers participating in the programme 
  • the potential to connect to the ASEAN region through the SEA CAPE alumni network 


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Let's talk ASEAN
Let's talk ASEAN

SEA CAPE’s two-hour webinars on “Lets Talk ASEAN involve a panel of 3 speakers providing an overview of the economies of the ASEAN region, cultural insights into these markets, with a key businessperson sharing experience on conducting business with and in ASEAN.

These webinars will introduce entrepreneurs, founders and business managers to the marketplaces of South East Asia. The webinars will be led by Siah Hwee Ang, Professor of International Business and Strategy, Chair in Business in Asia and Director of SEA CAPE at Victoria University of Wellington. 

Singapore & Malaysia workshop
Singapore & Malaysia workshop

This interactive workshop provides relevant insights for New Zealand businesses looking to engage with or already doing business in Singapore and Malaysia. Discover more about the exciting markets of Malaysia and Singapore and how they can serve as a hub for New Zealand businesses in Southeast Asia. 

Topics of the day include The macro and business environments in Singapore and Malaysia, Key aspects of the business culture, E-commerce in Southeast Asia, Consumer behaviour and learning from competition.


Vietnam Workshop
Vietnam Workshop

As one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economies, Vietnam is dynamic and bursting with potential. This workshop provides insights into the challenges and opportunities that Vietnam presents for NZ businesses.

Topics of the day include Vietnam’s macro and business environments, and the cultural challenges and competitive dynamics involved in doing business in Vietnam. Recent developments in the market and their implications for NZ businesses are also discussed.

Indonesia Workshop
Indonesia Workshop

With a burgeoning population of over 267 million people and comprising more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a unique trade and investment destination for New Zealand companies.

This free, interactive workshop covers:   

  • Indonesia’s unique position as a trade and investment destination for New Zealand companies 
  • Cultural and business challenges of engaging with the market 
  • The dynamics of compressed development in Indonesia and what this means for your business 
  • Learning from the competition 
ASEAN Workshop
ASEAN Workshop

In this workshop, you will find out how to assess the business environment in Southeast Asia and how these markets differ from the New Zealand context. The workshop also looks at customer and consumer demographics and expectations. 

You will have the chance to synthesise the insights of the day by formulating your own strategy for communicating value proposition. You will also have the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences in the market and how they identify local partnerships.

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