We've partnered with ExportNZ to roll out our Market Readiness Programme (MRP) to business.

The MRP provides participating businesses with the mind-set, assessment tools and strategising preparation work needed for engaging in Southeast Asian markets.

As a participating business, you will have an opportunity to tap into the knowledge provided by experts and share experiences with other participants. This is also an opportunity for networking with subject matter experts, other participating businesses and the SEA CAPE networks.

There is no fee to participate in the programme.

Programme structure

The MRP involves a one-day workshop, in two parts:

Part 1: Which market is right for me?
This segment highlights the key aspects of what is needed for assessing a country’s business environment from a practitioner perspective, with Southeast Asian countries as examples. Building on design thinking tools, it aims to capture the constant state of flux of Southeast Asian markets as they undergo deep social, economic, and technological transformations. The segment will also involve helping participants identify how Southeast Asian markets are different from the New Zealand context, with a focus on both the business environment and customer/consumer demographics and expectations.

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Part 2: Path to market
This segment will focus on deepening participants’ understanding of the potential of Southeast Asian markets in light of their own industry. Potential touchpoints for reaching out to customers in these markets will be offered. Market experts will be there to share their first-hand experience in the market and also the know-how on identifying local partnerships. Participants will then engage in synthesising the insights of the day to formulate a strategy for communicating their value proposition.

Value for your business

  • Gain culture-specific insights into current or potential overseas market(s) in Southeast Asia.
  • Extend your professional knowledge through the workshops delivered by market experts.
  • Network with other businesses participating in the programme.
  • Connect with the SEA CAPE (as alumni) and build further networks.

2019 Workshops


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