Students from all tertiary institutions in the country are invited to apply for this internship opportunity working in local businesses in the Wellington, Auckland and Hamilton regions, and accessing guidance from experts on real-time projects. 

You will be able to apply your market-specific insights to a non-mission critical project, to support a participating business' work in new or established overseas markets.

Applications are welcomed from both domestic and international students. If you have knowledge, insights and experience in either the Southeast Asia or Latin America regions; have completed more than one year of university study and would like to participate in this guided internship programme, please get in touch!

The 2018 MIP took place from July to November 2018 in the Wellington and Hamilton regions. We are now working on the 2019 MIP and plan to roll it out to more regions - Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland.

You can register or find out more about the 2019 MIP here

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