During a three-month programme from July to September 2018, participating businesses will be matched with up to two students who represent their target markets in the Southeast Asia or Latin America regions. The students will spend 10 – 15 hours per fortnight with these businesses on specific projects.     

Who we are partnering with  

The Southeast Asia and Latin America CAPEs are seeking expert Partners to hold one of a series of six specialised workshops or round table discussions for both the participating businesses and students.   

The focus will be on a relevant theme for New Zealand businesses looking to, or are already trading with the Southeast Asia and/or Latin America regions. This workshop series also presents an opportunity for Partners to dialogue and network with the students and the host businesses.  

Benefits for Partners   

Partner businesses can:  

  • be featured as an expert Partner in all SEA and LatAm CAPEs' Market Insights Programme collateral  

  • showcase expertise around key themes for students and businesses working in the Southeast Asia and Latin America trading context  

  • showcase their services to a select group of innovative exporters and traders  

  • gain unique and valuable cultural capability and business knowledge from participating students who are soon to enter the labour market.  

The diversity of New Zealand university students represents a wealth of knowledge and insights into the cultures and business practices of many of New Zealand’s trading partner countries. Participating students will be chosen from this highly motivated, talented and experienced section of our society.   

Expectations of Partners   

The success of the MIP depends on high quality and productive experiences for all participants. For Partners, their time, expertise and feedback are most valuable. This includes:  

  • hosting a workshop/round table with practical learning outcomes for both students and the businesses involved  

  • providing a location and catering for these workshops/roundtables  

  • supplying feedback (via a survey or interview) after the programme ends.  

For full details requirements, please download the "Information for Partners" brochure below. 

Get in touch

In Wellington, please contact:  

In the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, please contact:   

Please join us in this journey of learning, understanding, and enhancing capability.   

Download the Information for Partners brochure below

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