As a participating business, you will be matched with up to two students who are assessed to have the relevant understanding and knowledge of their target markets in the Southeast Asia or Latin America regions. From July to September 2018, the students will spend 10 – 15 hours per fortnight on projects that you specify for them and are important for your business’ current or future business in the Southeast Asia or Latin America regions. Tailored workshops will also be organised by expert Partners on relevant business themes for both students and your company. 

You will not be charged a fee to participate in the programme.   


You will:  

  • gain culture-specific insights into current or potential overseas market(s) of your interest  

  • receive hands-on, actionable recommendations from participating student(s) on your business challenge or feasibility study  

  • extend your professional knowledge through the workshops delivered by expert Partners   

  • network with other participating businesses, students and expert Partners in the programme  

  • explore the potential to employ participating students with highly specialised knowledge and experience  

  • make connections with the relevant CAPE and build further networks through the engagements.  

What you need to participate   

The success of the Southeast Asia and Latin America Market Insights Programme depends on productive experiences for all participants. Please identify a current or potential challenge that is relevant to your business for participating students, in consultation with the CAPEs. We will then match up to two students with your business needs.  

For full requirements, please download the "Information for Businesses" brochure below. 

The diversity of New Zealand university students represents a wealth of knowledge and insights into the cultures and business practices of many of New Zealand’s trading partner countries. Participating students will be chosen from this highly motivated, talented and experienced section of our society.  

Expression of interest or further enquiries 

In Wellington, please contact:  

In the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions, please contact:   

Please join us in this journey of learning, understanding and enhancing capability.  

Download the Information for Businesses brochure below

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