Catching up with SEA CAPE friends and alumni

On this page we feature individuals or groups who have been involved in SEA CAPE activities.

Here they can share their experiences with our stakeholders and reflect on their learnings to show the resonating benefits of SEA CAPE's many programmes.

Nina Santos
Nina Santos

Who are you and what do you do?

Mabuhay! I’m Nina Santos. I was born and raised in the bustling streets of Manila, the Philippines. I’m now based in Auckland where I balance my Law, Politics & International Relations degree with my work at the Ministry for the Environment. 

What is your connection with SEA CAPE?

I was lucky enough to join the Tertiary Market Immersion Programme to Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore in 2019. 

Tell us about your favourite SEA CAPE memory? 

Visiting the Facebook Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Singapore is an experience I’ll brag to my future kids about. It was amazing to be hosted by gracious kiwi employees who gave us a “crash course” on how the global giant operates. I use Facebook and Instagram everyday, so being in the epicentre of it was pretty cool. 

If you could drop everything and travel to any Southeast Asian country right now, which one would you choose, and why?

The pearl of the orient, the Philippines of course! Top notch hospitality, best food in the world, lush beaches and buzzing cities  - what’s not to love? (If you haven’t been, book a flight and thank me later!) 

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